Ledger's entrance into web3 social with embedded chat

Ledger has been one of the best known names in crypto since 2014, having sold 6 million devices to date and having raised $557M. This year Ledger is finally moving beyond DeFi and into web3 social, with WalletChat πŸ‘›πŸ’¬ >


β€’ 6M users
β€’ 30 mins to integrate
β€’ Moving beyond DeFi, with web3 messaging


Moving into Web3 Social

Ledger is the hardware wallet we all know and love. With over 6M users, the Ledger Live app gets plenty of eyeballs. The app itself already supports a lot of functionality - tracking your portfolio, doing swaps, staking, and even issuing a credit card for your wallet.

Over the past few years though, crypto has become much more than just financial infrastructure. The community has always been a key driving force in crypto - and the space of web3 social has finally started to emerge as a dominant narrative lately. Naturally, Ledger, wanting to stay at the forefront of innovation, has noticed. So how's Ledger leveraging this trend?


Ledger + WalletChat integration

Definitely not by building social functionality in-house. Of course, the Ledger team is more than capable of doing that. However, this would come at the cost of thousands of hours of development time, which would distract Ledger from what they do best - building the best-in-the-class secure hardware!

On top of that, any proprietary solution they build, would also not be compatible with the rest of the ecosystem. Which is not a good thing. Especially in web3! What’s the alternative? In this instance, the obvious solution was to partner with someone who’s got a ready-made solution and is also an expert in the space.

Enter WalletChat. The WalletChat web app is built in a way that makes it extremely easy to be embedded into a partner application like Ledger Live. All it takes to integrate WalletChat is a simple package import and a few lines of code. It took less than 30 minutes, plus the WalletChat team has provided extensive support on testing to ensure that everything works seamlessly before launch.



Boom! A couple of days later WalletChat was launched to all 6M Ledger Live users inside the Discover section of Ledger Live. All you had to do as a user was to click on the WalletChat logo, sign once to authenticate, and then send and receive messages right from within Ledger Live freely, forever. From this day on, Ledger Live is much more than a financial application. A major unlock!


What’s next?

Since launch, thousands of Ledger users have interacted with WalletChat. Of course, since WalletChat messages are end-to-end encrypted, we do not have the capability to read them and figure out what the individual conversations are about. Which is a good thing!

Nevertheless, what we have seen thus far is just the tip of the iceberg. We are now investigating and working with Ledger to establish the next steps for this integration, and how we can optimize WalletChat to let even more people benefit from the secure, private, and web3-native communication it enables.

Are you a crypto wallet developer? Stop funneling your users out into X, discord, and telegram to communicate. Reach out now to integrate web3 messaging, supercharge your user engagement and time spent within the app, and drive growth.


With WalletChat, you can send instant messages from your Ethereum wallet to any other wallet using their public address or ENS. Right from within your Ledger. Get chatting!

- The Ledger Team


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