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NEW: Chat-and-earn with WalletChat! 🏆💰⬇️

Chat with any wallet directly, from your existing wallet. Connect with your NFT communities. Earn 🏆💰

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DM any wallet

  • Connect with your existing Metamask (or any other supported Wallet)
  • Set up your profile in two simple steps
  • Message any other wallet, using their address, ENS, or SPACE.ID
  • Get read receipts and enable optional email or TG notifications
  • Earn cash prizes & airdrop points! 🏆💰

Community messaging

  • Inside the NFT tab, auto-join gated chats, based on the NFTs and POAPs inside your wallet
  • Interact with your community, without clicking links and verifying separately inside each discord server
  • Create and join custom communities
  • Works across most EVM chains, Gnosis, Tezos, BTC, NEAR, and more to come...

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