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Who is this for

  • You are a web3 web app that wishes to integrate messaging functionality
  • Replace current user-to-user or user-to-app messaging workflow which happens inside discord / telegram
  • Provide a much better UX that links directly to the user's wallet, which they are already using to interact with your dapp
  • Provide a much more secure experience than having to share one's wallet id inside discord or clicking external links
  • Enable users to communicate without leaving your web app (increasing engagement & time spent within the app)
  • Differentiate yourself from competition still stuck in the web 2.5 world


  • Support token-gated group messaging (available in our web app)
  • Enhanced spam filtering, conditional messaging permissions
  • User-to-dapp support helpdesk, dapp-to-user announcements
  • User analytics dashboard
  • Optional message notifications inside email / telegram
  • ...and much more

Integrate the widget inside your web app easily, in a matter of minutes. Technical info here.

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