How Mithraeum ditched Discord to add in-game chat to their web3 game

Mithraeum has been developing a fully on-chain game for over 3 years, and is open to everyone who enjoys complex diplomacy and excels in achieving strategic goals on the edge of conflict. Thanks to WalletChat, the players can now negotiate in-game, greatly enhancing their overall gameplay experience. >

How Mithraeum ditched Discord to add in-game chat to their web3 game

• 3+ years of development
• 10+ major gaming guilds
• 100% positive player feedback & increased engagement

Pushing the boundaries of blockchain gaming

Mithraeum is a pure on-chain grand strategy game, with a strong emphasis on players’ social interactions. The game immerses you in the atmosphere of historical eras, great battles, extensive sieges, and alliances within one global map.

It is a virtual world and an infinite game where players can develop settlements, trade resources on the market, create armies, and raid other settlements. Such an environment opens up opportunities for diplomacy and social activity, with every player having the power to alter the game dynamics and influence the situation. By combining an intellectual game and a competitive blockchain environment, Mithraeum empowers the players to utilize the power of the blockchain ecosystem to experiment and generate further innovative solutions and content.

Mithraeum has been developed for 3 years, and over the last 20 months, it has successfully launched 2 public tests and 2 tournaments, with a total duration of a year, which is a perfect achievement in this time. The project has attracted the participation of many large top gaming guilds and DAOs, shaping history and leaving their mark as part of creating the product.

In search of in-game messaging

"We are glad to have partnered with WalletChat, which has provided us with such an easy-to-integrate chat widget.

Thanks to this, our players can now establish effective communication between settlements with just a few clicks, right inside the game. This has greatly complemented and enriched their gaming experience.

Our collaboration has been a success, and we look forward to more innovative solutions from the team in the future."

- Nikita, Mithraeum Founder & CEO

On the 3rd public test, the team has decided to bring a stealth mode into the game, allowing players to skip filling a Discord tag when placing a settlement. Before that, all communication between the players took place in Discord as everyone provided their nicknames. However, there were a lot of public disputes, difficulties in diplomatic relationships, and no secrecy and privacy because of communication in front of everyone (allies and enemies as well).

After implementing the stealth mode, the team received feedback that players were missing a quick and easy way to communicate within the game, especially to contact other settlements on the map. This communication could serve various purposes, from establishing friendly relations and giving warnings to simply gloating at someone. In the project Discord, a poll was published about the need for an in-game chat. The community voted unanimously yes. However, the tournament was already underway, and a chat development would take a lot of time, even though it was needed urgently.

In search for a quick and efficient solution, the Mithraeum team came across WalletChat. After studying the project and its widget, they realized that it fits their requirements perfectly. Less than a day after the community's vote, the team had already integrated the chat between settlements into the game. This solution proved to be both very easy to implement and extremely beneficial, allowing players to communicate privately without disclosing information to everyone.

Better gameplay for everyone

"As a fan of strategy games, it's hard for me to imagine a game without an in-game chat. Now communication has become so easy and convenient that I can focus on the gaming aspects without wasting time on setting up communication. The user experience is top-notch, and I can definitely feel that the developers care about our gaming experience."

- An anonymous Mithraeum player

After the WalletChat widget implementation, the unnecessary discussions of important in-game moves started to disappear from Discord, smoothly moving into WalletChat. As a result, Mithraeum has now launched its second tournament with a convenient solution for players and the team.

The solution works well because the players are fully immersed in the gameplay and the atmosphere of competition surrounding it. To succeed in the game, they need to dedicate a significant amount of time to their development and to monitoring the situation around them. As a result, they will not have the time to check Discord, read through all the conversations, and find out if there were any mentions of them.

With WalletChat, players now have the opportunity to send and receive messages directly inside the game without being distracted by external factors. This allows for far more efficient communication, greatly enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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