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Unlock the future of web3 messaging. Connect with others directly, using your wallet.
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Reach wallet owners directly

Ever wanted to contact an NFT owner to discuss a trade? Using the WalletChat web app, you can message their wallet directly, with one click. Using their address or ENS. No need for discord or twitter.

Chrome extension
walletchat web app goblintown

A safer space for your community

Running a web3 community and getting tired of members having to click links inside Discord to verify NFT ownership, getting scammed? Holders auto-join your community without clicking links and signing contracts.

walletchat in game api integration

Integrate with your dapp, marketplace, or wallet

We partner with dapps, marketplaces, games, and wallets, by providing an easy-to-use API or widget integration. Add WalletChat in minutes, and enable social features to connect your users. Increase engagement and time spent within your dapp.

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